2020 Golf Tournament Highlights!!

A Perfect Evening!

The weather was perfect as over 60 men got together at Heritage Pointe for an evening of great roast beef, lots of conversation and a very inspiring message from Dr. Phil Nordin.
Phil talked about the importance of using the correct words in how we express ourselves. In particular the words: Maybe,  Might,  Should,  Could, Would and Must. These words can often lead us to a sense of defeat and demoralization when we use them in the language of failure. Phil went on to say, he came to realize that the power source of unworthiness is “Past Failures” The “If Only’s”, the “Should Haves”
This leads us to the question: How do we get beyond the self depreciation that comes from past failures?
There are two changes you can make:
1) Accept that your failure can be progress…..and that your failures will often lead you to good decisions….in other words fail forward.

2) Learn to redirect your focus:

 Focus on who you are, rather than who you are not
 Focus on what you have, rather than what you do not have
 Focus on what you know, rather that what you do not know
 Focus on health rather than pain
 Focus on your abilities rather than your limitations
 Focus on where you are going rather than where you have been

A great message to leave with the men

Thank-you Dr. Phil
“The Ryder Cupsters ” are the New Champs!

  The Ryder Cupsters  (L-R) – Cole Hartung,Garth Hartung,Myles Hamilton,Don Poffenroth
The Ryder Cupsters led a hard fought battle with many other teams hot on their heals.  Coming in @ -8 under par, they nudged past the Duffers who finished up @ -7, while a few other teams finished up @-6. This is the Cupsters fourth victory in the last five years.  Well Done!



2019 Golf Tournament Highlights!!

Despite the drenching rain, four groups managed to finish the course without a dry piece of clothing.  ( “Soaked to the bone “! was one comment ) But that didn’t dampen the evening as over 60 men shared an excellent roast beef dinner and listened to an insightful talk by Pastor Warren Wiebe.

Warren talked about how Life is like golf.  Early in life is like being on the tee box.  The fairway is long and wide.  There are lots of choices.  The consequences of a bad drive or poor decision are usually not too bad. Your second shot / approach shot is similar to middle age.  You must be more accurate and the consequences of a poor decision (in life) can have more severe consequences.   You could end up in the water, a sand trap or thick rough around the green.   In mid life, a poor decision could bring you financial ruin, a divorce or poor health. When you’re on the green and putting is like your finishing/golden years on earth.   You need to be very focused on the goal of (eternal life).  You must be accurate, in direction and effort to sink your putt and you must keep your eyes and mind focused on Heaven and Jesus as we draw close to the finish of our lives.
Thank-you Pastor Warren


“The Eagle has Landed” are the New Champs!

The Eagle has Landed    L-R :(Carter Lautner, Paul Erickson)

A brand new 2 man entry (not planned…we blew it) “The Eagle has Landed” came in with a final score of -4. Congratulations Carter and Paul!

Best Team Name  “Over the Hill Gang”

Thanks to our sponsors and Mulligan funds we are planning to purchase the “Conquer Series” for anyone interested as a forerunner to the Pure Desire Conference in March 2020

Pure Desire Men’s Conference

Click Here to Look or Register

Our Next Event is Steak Night at the Hotel Blackfoot Tuesday October 16 with Frank Moody as our guest speaker (More details to follow)

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Tournament Speaker Pastor Warren Wiebe


Annual Tournament  

Pastor Warren Wiebe 

                         Pastor Warren Wiebe

It’s that time again to rally your team as our annual MANtheGAP best ball tournament is coming up on Thursday August 22 !  Pastor Warren Wiebe (see below) has an excellent message for the men. We will be meeting at the River Spirit Golf Course.   River Spirit offers great service and food combined with a challenging 27 hole course.  Please be sure to mark your calendar and bring your own foursome (with your own team name)  or plan to join in with another group. Trophy and bragging rights goes to the low net team!

This year we will be all types of mulligans from typical extra shots to “lengths of string”.  BRING CASH !
If you don’t golf…. come and enjoy the talk and the roast beef dinner and the great experience you will have with your fellow men.
Don’t forget to bring your business/ministry cards for our connection table.      
River Spirit Golf –  241155 Range Rd 34, Calgary, AB T3Z 2W4
Shot Gun Start 5:15pm – Registration and Check-In at 4:45pm
Cost is only $60  (Cart, Meal, Golf and Entertainment included)
Roast Beef Dinner only $20  (dinner gratuity extra)
Pastor Warren Wiebe

Warren Wiebe has been pastoring in Calgary for over 40 years…and he’s been at Centre Street Church for 14 years.  He is married to Leanne-and is an avid golfer and gardener. He  just returned from Ukraine where he goes most summers-taking teams of young people who volunteer in: orphanages, boys prisons, prision hospitals and Gypsy villages.Warren lives and dies with the Calgary Flames-and therefore does a lot of dying…
   Photographer Needed 
 Please email Jim Walls if you want to help out
While we realize we are free in Christ, we would ask the men to use discretion when deciding on what to drink in the larger group setting, as we don’t know where everyone is at in their journey.
 1 Cor. 8:13